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Cover Me
Cover Me 2020
IMDb 5.7/10 88min
Mia Stone is faced with an eerie supernatural opportunity when a strange encounter with an eccentric man gives her a second chance at saving her company, marriage, family, and future.
Genre: Drama,Family
The Last Shift
The Last Shift 2020
IMDb 5.8/10 90min
Stanley's last shift at his fast food job takes an unexpected turn.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Max and Me
Max and Me 2020
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
A coming of age story about an awkward teenage boy who falls in love with the girl next door, who he soon discovers passed away the year before from Cystic Fibrosis, and he's in love...with a ghost.
Genre: Drama,Romance
Sno Babies
Sno Babies 2020
IMDb N/A/10 109min
SNO BABIES depicts the grim realities of addiction and its effects on families. Kristen and Hannah are likeable, college-bound teens - and heroin addicts - hiding their plight behind the façade of middle-class suburbia.
Genre: Drama
Sargasso 2018
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Genre: Crime
A Stranger Among the Living
A Stranger Among the Living 2019
IMDb 7.7/10 94min
A young teacher finds himself haunted by the undead after narrowly escaping a school shooting.
Are We Dead Yet
Are We Dead Yet 2019
IMDb 6.2/10 94min
A robbery goes horrifyingly wrong when five have a go criminals are forced to take refuge from the police in an old castle. What starts out as 'one last job' quickly becomes a hilarious fun filled journey of ghostly misfortunes.
Slice of Life
Slice of Life 2017
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Story about a low-life drug dealer who tries to turn his life around, but finds himself at the mercy of fate when he encounters a cop with an agenda of his own.
Canadian Strain
Canadian Strain 2019
IMDb 6.1/10 79min
When cannabis becomes legal in Canada, boutique weed dealer Anne Banting is swiftly run out of business by the biggest gangsters in town - the government.
Genre: Comedy
Unalterable 2019
IMDb N/A/10 110min
a genuine gangster film of a man who have lived keeping the manhood for saving his honor.
Genre: Action,Drama
WWE: Clash of Champions
WWE: Clash of Champions 2020
IMDb 7.2/10 178min
Genre: Action,Sport
Say Your Prayers
Say Your Prayers 2020
IMDb N/A/10 84min
Two orphaned brothers turned radical Christian hitmen venture to rural Ilkley under the instruction of Father Enoch). Their mission: assassinate Professor John Huxley, famed atheist writer.
A Werewolf in England
A Werewolf in England 2020
IMDb N/A/10 84min
A Parish Councillor and criminal take refuge at a remote countryside Inn, unaware that flesh-hungry werewolves inhabit the surrounding woodlands and are ready to feed.
Genre: Horror
Infidel 2019
IMDb 6.4/10 107min
An American man, played by Jim Caviezel, is kidnapped after a friend invites him to Cairo to speak out about recent militant uprisings. His wife heads to the city after hearing the news, determined to get him back.
Fandango at the Wall
Fandango at the Wall 2020
IMDb N/A/10 92min
Fandango at the Wall follows Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra founder/conductor Arturo O'Farrill to the remotest regions of Veracruz, Mexico, where he meets and jams with the masters of son ...
Love at Look Lodge
Love at Look Lodge 2020
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Genre: Romance
Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!
Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! 2020
IMDb N/A/10 80min
Scooby-Doo and Shaggy's favorite holiday is upon us! With fake monsters and candy galore - Halloween is heaven for these hungry foodies going door-to-door. But, this year, their sweet ...
Genre: Animation
Dead 2020
IMDb 8.2/10 90min
Marbles, a hapless stoner, can see ghosts. Tagg, a recently dead wannabe super-cop, needs to find a serial killer. Can a critical ghost cop and a directionless stoner get over their prejudices and work together to save lives - and deaths?
Genre: Comedy
Wild Grass
Wild Grass 2020
IMDb 4.9/10 112min
In the 1990s, the two girls and a boy who first entered the society tested the incredible destiny they experienced in the pursuit of a new life. In the flourishing 1990s, they rose up with the dream and they survived.
Genre: Drama,Romance
Secret Society of Second Born Royals
Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
It follows Sam's adventures at a top-secret training program for a new class of second-born royals tasked with saving the world.
LX 2048
LX 2048 2020
IMDb 7.8/10 103min
A fatal ill man tries to secure the future of his family in a world where the toxicity of the sun forces people to stay inside during the daytime.
Genre: Drama,Sci-fi
She's in Portland
She's in Portland 2020
IMDb 4.4/10 N/Amin
Two college friends, now in their thirties, admire each other's lives and feel trapped in their own. Wes, tied to a demanding career and responsibilities to family, extends a work trip to ...
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Trump Card
Trump Card 2020
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Written and directed by acclaimed film maker, scholar, and New York Times best selling author Dinesh D?Souza, TRUMP CARD is an expose of the socialism, corruption and gangsterization that ...
The Fandom
The Fandom 2020
IMDb 7.6/10 89min
THE FANDOM dives headfirst into the imaginative world of "furries," fans of the anthropomorphic arts. Using archival footage this documentary traces the history of the fandom from its roots in the 1970s to the global community it is today.
Kaiji: Final Game
Kaiji: Final Game 2020
IMDb 3.2/10 128min
Kaiji (played by Tatsuya Fujiwara) is about to ave his life changed. The thrill is beyond anything hr, or most people, have experienced. The adventure is not without risk and danger however...
Genre: Adventure
Pistolera 2020
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Genre: Action,Drama
Myth 2019
IMDb N/A/10 89min
A lonely young man encounters his idol, the strange and elusive director of his favorite film "Myth"; recruiting him for a new project that will send his life spiraling into chaos.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Replicant Terminus
Replicant Terminus 2017
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
It is now 2050-Your world, on earth/Terra. The year is 2050, The 4th world war ended 20 years ago, 2030, and humanity is now under the control of the 'mind of terra' one world government ...
Genre: Sci-fi
Model Citizen
Model Citizen 2016
IMDb N/A/10 N/Amin
Genre: Action
Bystander 2017
IMDb N/A/10 105min
Genre: Na
Northwood Pie
Northwood Pie 2019
IMDb 8.6/10 75min
Community college burn out in the making, Crispin, lands his first job at the local, rundown Northwood Pizza. And through his experiences with friends, coworkers, and a kindling relationship, Crispin learns to embrace his higher ambitions.
The Tunnel
The Tunnel 2019
IMDb 6.2/10 105min
When a truck crashes inside a tunnel, people on their way home for Christmas are brutally trapped in a deadly fire. With a blizzard raging outside, and the first responders struggling to get to the accident, it's every man for himself.
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