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Watch 1986 Movies Online Free

Browse through our fantastic selection of 1986 Movies below and see if there is anything that you'd like to watch online for free from our index. There's nothing quite like enjoying an 1986 Movie or two at home with some popcorn, a large pepsi and a good feeling inside from knowing that you didn't have to dish out even a cent to watch any of these awesome movies.
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Quiet Cool
Quiet Cool 1986
IMDb 5.7/10 min
Joe Dylanne is a plainclothes NYC cop with a badge... and a robust personality. He always resorts to...
Genre: Action
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies 1986
IMDb 7.1/10 min
Guko and his friends must stop King Gurumes from destroying the city for blood rubies and gathering the seven Dragon Balls.
Flower and Snake 3: Punishment
Flower and Snake 3: Punishment 1986
IMDb 5.9/10 min
When successful business man refuses to save the business of his former business partner, his wife, a private teacher of written arts...
Genre: Thriller
Hana to hebi: hakui nawa dorei
Hana to hebi: hakui nawa dorei 1986
IMDb 6.1/10 min
Genre: Thriller
The Boy Who Could Fly
The Boy Who Could Fly 1986
IMDb 6.5/10 min
An autistic boy who dreams of flying touches everyone he meets, including a new family who has moved in after their father dies.
ALF 1986
IMDb 7.4/10 min
A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.
My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony: The Movie 1986
IMDb 6/10 min
Ponyland comes under attack from a talking blob of purple gunk.
One Crazy Summer
One Crazy Summer 1986
IMDb 6.4/10 min
An aspiring teenage cartoonist and his friends come to the aid of a singer trying to save her family property from developers.
Chopping Mall
Chopping Mall 1986
IMDb 5.6/10 min
Eight teenagers are trapped after hours in a high tech shopping mall and pursued by three murderous security robots out of control.
The Brotherhood of Justice
The Brotherhood of Justice 1986
IMDb 5.6/10 min
A group of high school students, led by a rich boy Derek, is sick of school violence and decides to...
Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law 1986
IMDb 5.9/10 min
An action-packed thriller starring Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy, a cop who is running to stay alive long enough to even the score with his wife's killer.
TerrorVision 1986
IMDb 5.7/10 min
A family's new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet, and soon it becomes the passageway to an alien world.
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Jumpin' Jack Flash 1986
IMDb 5.8/10 min
Terry works for a bank, and uses computers to communicate with clients all over the world. One day she gets a coded message from an unknown source...
Dogs in Space
Dogs in Space 1986
IMDb 6.6/10 min
The film is set in a house occupied by a collection of social misfits. The main storyline is that of a strange musician's relationship with a girl...
Genre: Drama
Native Son
Native Son 1986
IMDb 5.9/10 min
In 1940s Chicago, a young black man takes a job as a chauffeur to a white family, which takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally kills the teenage daughter of the couple and then tries to cover it up.
Genre: Drama,Romance
Band of the Hand
Band of the Hand 1986
IMDb 6.3/10 min
Juvenile lost causes are reformed by a war veteran using survival tactics.
Hands of Steel
Hands of Steel 1986
IMDb 5.4/10 min
A cyborg is programmed to kill a scientist who holds the fate of mankind in his hands. He fails and hides in a diner in a desert run by a woman who likes him. The people who sent him are after him and so is the local arm wrestling champ.
Genre: Action,Sci-fi
Soul Man
Soul Man 1986
IMDb 5.1/10 min
To achieve his dream of attending Harvard, a pampered teen poses as a young black man to receive a full scholarship.
Power 1986
IMDb 5.7/10 min
Pete St. John is a powerful and successful political consultant, with clients spread around the country...
Genre: Drama
Heartburn 1986
IMDb 6/10 min
An autobiographical look at the breakup of Ephron's marriage to Carl "All the President's Men" Bernstein that was also a best-selling novel...
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Gung Ho
Gung Ho 1986
IMDb 6.2/10 min
When a Japanese car company buys an American plant, the American liaison must mediate the clash of work attitudes between the foreign management and native labor.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Nutcracker 1986
IMDb 7/10 min
The colorful holiday classic is finally brought to the big screen, designed by famed children's story author and artist Maurice Sendak...
Lady Jane
Lady Jane 1986
IMDb 7.2/10 min
The death of King Henry VIII throws his kingdom into chaos because of succession disputes. His weak son Edward...
The Men's Club
The Men's Club 1986
IMDb 4.5/10 min
A group of men get together to form a "discussion group". They share their feelings about women, life...
Genre: Drama
Mission Kill
Mission Kill 1986
IMDb 4.5/10 min
An ex-Green Beret visits one of his army buddies, and finds himself involved in his friend's scheme to smuggle arms into a turbulent South American country.
52 Pick-Up
52 Pick-Up 1986
IMDb 6.4/10 min
A secret fling between a man and his mistress leads to blackmail and murder.
No Dead Heroes
No Dead Heroes 1986
IMDb 3.8/10 min
A US lieutnant is turned into a guinea pig for deadly KGB experiments.
Genre: Action
Crawlspace 1986
IMDb 5.3/10 min
A man who runs an apartment house for women is the demented son of a Nazi surgeon who has the house equipped with secret passageways, hidden rooms and torture and murder devices.
Tough Guys
Tough Guys 1986
IMDb 6.2/10 min
Two elderly gangsters are released from prison only to find they have trouble fitting in as old men who still take no guff from anyone.
Genre: Comedy
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Mountaintop Motel Massacre 1986
IMDb 4.4/10 min
After several years in an insane asylum, Evelyn, the keeper of the Mountaintop Motel, is released and resumes doing business...
Genre: Horror
Deadtime Stories
Deadtime Stories 1986
IMDb 4.6/10 min
A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories--about a killer witch, Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf, and a story about "Goldi Lox" and the three bears.
Genre: Comedy,Horror
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986
IMDb 5.6/10 min
A radio host is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall hunts them.
Genre: Comedy,Horror
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