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Watch 2018 Movies Online Free

Browse through our fantastic selection of 2018 Movies below and see if there is anything that you'd like to watch online for free from our index. There's nothing quite like enjoying an 2018 Movie or two at home with some popcorn, a large pepsi and a good feeling inside from knowing that you didn't have to dish out even a cent to watch any of these awesome movies.
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Sally4Ever 2018
IMDb 6.4/10 min
For 10 years Sally has lived a dull suburban life with David. But on the night he asks her to marry him, Sally has a crisis and embarks on a wild affair with Emma, a seductive, charismatic, boho actress, singer, musician, poet and author.
Genre: Na
Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords
Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords 2018
IMDb 6.8/10 min
Documentary series following eviction specialists as they attempt to remove nightmare tenants and local council teams tackling rogue landlords who are providing unsuitable accommodation to their tenants.
Irrational Fears
Irrational Fears 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Na
Busted! I Know Who You Are!
Busted! I Know Who You Are! 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
A whodunit variety show featuring some of of the biggest names in K-Pop and K-Drama.
Genre: Comedy
The Grand Hustle
The Grand Hustle 2018
IMDb 7.0/10 min
Contestants "hustle" through competitions in the streets of Atlanta with the winner earning a high-paying job at one of T.I.'s companies.
Genre: Game-show
High & Dry
High & Dry 2018
IMDb 5.0/10 min
Sitcom about a group of passengers and crew whose flight crash lands leaving them stranded on a deserted island in the Indian Ocean.
Very Cavallari
Very Cavallari 2018
IMDb 4.9/10 min
With her new home base in Nashville, the series will follow Kristin's life as a businesswoman launching a flagship store for her lifestyle product line and being a wife to her husband, former professional football player, Jay Cutler.
Genre: Reality-tv
The Last Defense
The Last Defense 2018
IMDb 7.2/10 min
Emotional, in-depth examinations of death row cases expose flaws in the US justice system. Season 1 investigates a housewife convicted for stabbing her sons, and an athlete convicted for shooting a father, as attorneys race for new trials.
Buy It Now
Buy It Now 2018
IMDb 7.0/10 min
Inventors, creators and sellers of new products have just 90 seconds to demonstrate their item before an audience of buyers in the hope of securing an order for their product. Hosted by Brian Conley.
Genre: Game-show
I Am a Killer
I Am a Killer 2018
IMDb 7.5/10 min
Follows Death Row inmates, who tell the story of how they ended up there.
Fastest Car
Fastest Car 2018
IMDb 7.2/10 min
In a quarter mile drag race, drivers of exotic supercars go up against sleeper cars built and modified by dedicated gearheads.
Diabolical 2018
IMDb 8.1/10 min
Calculating. Cunning. Cold as ice. In Diabolical, a new gripping ten-episode series on Investigation Discovery, these shockingly devious masterminds use their wits and wiles to manipulate us, seduce us and try to get away with murder.
Genre: Mystery
Britain in Bloom
Britain in Bloom 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Observational documentary series following some of the communities taking part in one of the UK's largest annual competitions - the Royal Horticultural Society's Britain in Bloom contest.
Genre: Na
Ex on the Beach
Ex on the Beach 2018
IMDb 4.9/10 min
10 single celebrities think they are going to a beach for a romantic vacation until their exes arrive.
Genre: Reality-tv
Better Than Us
Better Than Us 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
A family on the brink of splitting up become the owners of a cutting-edge robot being sought by a corporation, homicide investigators and terrorists.
Genre: Drama,Sci-fi
A Wedding and a Murder
A Wedding and a Murder 2018
IMDb 6.1/10 min
Series exploring seemingly dream marriages that ended up in murder or mystery.
Genre: Crime
Disasters at Sea
Disasters at Sea 2018
IMDb 8.4/10 min
Series about recent marine disasters and the subsequent investigations.
Genre: History
Taskmaster 2018
IMDb 5.6/10 min
Based on the popular UK game show by the same name, competitors use creativity to complete unusual challenges.
Genre: Comedy
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle 2018
IMDb 5.4/10 min
Jay Ward's squirrel and moose duo return in this all-new series, alongside rivals Boris and Natasha and Fearless Leader.
Come Here and Give Me a Hug
Come Here and Give Me a Hug 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
A dramatic drama depicting the love of a man and a woman whose lives are linked because of a murder since young age. Despite an unfortunate destiny and the stigma and pains, they will try to be happy and heal their wounds.
Genre: Drama,Romance
How Close Can I Beach
How Close Can I Beach 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Na
Investigation Partners
Investigation Partners 2018
IMDb 7.8/10 min
This show is about a brilliant forensic doctor and a rookie prosecutor who works together to solve cases.
Still A Mystery
Still A Mystery 2018
IMDb 5.5/10 min
Just because a case is closed doesn't mean the truth has been revealed. Suicide or murder? Runaway or kidnapping? Accidental or premeditated? Each episode of STILL A MYSTERY re-examines a ...
Genre: Crime
Wok of Love
Wok of Love 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
The series will take place in a Chinese restaurant. Chef Seo Poong, a chef who goes from being a star chef one day to the cook at a failing neighborhood Chinese restaurant the next. Dan Sae...
Genre: Drama,Romance
Waves, Waves
Waves, Waves 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Drama
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi 2018
IMDb 8.4/10 min
A young girl with the ability to see ayakashi is sent to another realm to repay her grandfather's debt and marry an ogre.
Outback Opal Hunters
Outback Opal Hunters 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
The series follows crews of fearless opal miners on their mission to unearth a fortune in some of Australia's harshest and remote landscapes.
Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World
Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World 2018
IMDb 7.3/10 min
CNN's award-winning journalist, Christiane Amanpour travels around the world to talk with women about the rules of engagement in relationships and intimacy. In this six-part documentary ...
Bobby Kennedy for President
Bobby Kennedy for President 2018
IMDb 8.2/10 min
This four-part documentary series weaves together rare and exclusive footage of attorney general, U.S. senator, and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in the 1960s.
Hundred Days' Husband
Hundred Days' Husband 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Lee Yul falls off a cliff and nearly dies in an attempted assassination. He loses his memory and wanders for 100 days under a new name and personality. During this period, he meets Hong Sim, head of the first detective agency in Joseon.
Genre: Romance
Ballmastrz 9009
Ballmastrz 9009 2018
IMDb 7.1/10 min
After a scandalous fall, one of the greatest players of "The Game", Gaz Digzy, must guide the worst team that ever participated to prove herself to the crazed ruler Crayzar.
The Wrestlers
The Wrestlers 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
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